Below are some frequently asked questions we recieve from our customers: 

1. What is GSM? 

GSM stands for grams per square meter. It is a reference to the weight of a towel. The higher the towels GSM the thicker the towel is. A thicker towel is able to absorb more water due to the higher density of fibers. 

2. What sizes do towels come in? 

There are 5 standard sizing options that towels come in which are as follows:

  1. Face Cloths 30 x 30 cm
  2. Guest Towels 30 x 50 cm
  3. Hand Towels 50 x 90cm
  4. Bath Towels 70 x 130cm
  5. Bath Sheets 90 x 150cm

3. What should I look for when buying a towel? 

1. The GSM (grams per square meter). If you are looking for a thinner towel that dries quickly you want a lower GSM towel. If you want a thicker towel capable of absorbing more water you want a towel with a high GSM. 

2. The material. 100% cotton towels are the most absorbent. Towels that are made of combination materials are very durable but sacrifice some of their absorbancy. We only keep towels that are 100% cotton. 

4. What is the best way to wash my towels? 

When washing your towels it is best to do a cold wash. You want to use things like detergents and fabric softeners as sparingly as possible to improve the longevity of your towels. It is also recommended that you separate your colors (light colors and dark colors). 

5. How can I place a wholesale order? 

Refer to the wholesale tab on the homepage header for instructions on how to place a wholesale order. 

6. How long will my order take to arrive if I purchase online? 

3-5 business days 

7. How can I get in touch? 

Reach out to us by sending an email to 


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