Bundle of 20 Snag Free Imperfect Hand Towels

Bundle of 20 Snag Free Imperfect Hand Towels

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Hospital Towels

Snag Free® towels are manufactured with a unique warp knit construction, to prevent pulling or snagging. These towels are more durable than their woven counterparts, and withstand more washes than normal towels. Nortex Snag Free® towels are the preferred choice by the hospitality industry due to its durability, high absorbency and soft touch.


  • Perfect for 5 star hotels
  • Perfect for home use 
  • Anti Fray Hem
  • Snag Free - Doesn't Pull
  • SABS Standard
  • Withstands more than 200 industrial washes

Note: We will never send you a badly rejected towel. You're guaranteed to save big imperfect towels.